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my name is dani

22. norcal. lives with boyfriend, scott + our baby kitten squishy. majorly in love. recently moved into a cute lil one bedroom with my baby and yeah it's hard, but we get by.

i'm a dancer, exclusive to gcc. been dancin over 3 years and on my way to retirement. i just got hired on as a client relations manager for a well-known insurance company- i hope to be retired by the end of the summer.

i enjoy lots of things: my boyfriend, the internet, cruisin around in my beat up chevy, learning video games (gta, haha), learning in general, swimming, camping, bod-mods, dancing, singing (more like screaching. scott doesn't seem to mind it when i "serenade" him tho. ;), ridin quads, rollercoasters, motorcycles and everything in between. :)

i'm a spunky, fiesty kind of girl- open minded and with a hunger to learn as much about life and myself as i can. not afraid to try anything new, so long as fish aren't involved, lol.

i'm down to 5 piercings (formerly 12), and have 5 tattoos and yearning for more.

i'm a pisces so i'm a natural dreamer, so expect lots of "hope-filled" entries here. i'm a romantic at heart and love people, but also fear them. maybe i'm avoidant, tho i'd hate to add to my list of "what's wrong with me" hehe. titles never really were my thing anyway...

i'm in love. i want the world to know it. i've never felt this way before. i've never tried so hard before. i've never been so well rewarded for all my struggles.
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this is me, dani, and the story of a sad girl who found happiness...

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i'm not sure why... [Monday
3:22am October 10th]
but i can't get into this journal here. maybe it's the lack of comments, the lack of desire to really share my true feelings... i'm not sure.

i've resurrected my former journal- ___________sexn

/shrug. add me there if you wanna. i don't delete journals, cuz i like to go back and see how life was 'then', but i don't think i'll be posting on this one anymore. ehhh

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